Puppy Classes

Puppy class is all about fun, socialisation and teaching the basics of training.

Classes are held in a fully secure field weather permitting.  Classes are run throughout the summer evenings.

Classes will help create the important bond between puppy and owner in a fun, social and relaxed environment.

All our classes are force free, which means our puppies learn because they want to.

You will learn how to deal with puppy play biting, jumping up, and greeting other dogs and humans, walking on different surfaces, people with hats, hi viz jackets.

The aim of puppy class is to prepare your dog for the outside world where nothing is scary.

Each class is 45 minutes with breaks for water and cuddles when the dogs need it.

If appropriate there will be time for the dogs to play provided the dogs are comfortable.  This is an ideal time to put into practice recalls back to owners away from play.

All dogs after puppy class can progress to group classes where training will be intermediate/advanced.  A lot of puppies when they reach 12 months and over enjoy the agility classes.

Puppy class helps you enjoy your puppy whilst having lots of fun.